Arrangement for academic guidance

Short Cycle and First cycle Degrees
Orientation is given to new students to familiarise them with the opportunities and facilities offered by our University. All students who are newly beginning their further education in our university will be allocated to a member of staff who will act as their counsellor to assist them in all matters concerned with their education. The counsellors will assist the student from the day of the student’s registration until their education has been completed, offering counselling services in every matter in which the student feels a need. In particular, the counsellors will assist the student in the selection of courses and the renewal of registration.
Post Graduate Studies
In the post-graduate programmes, a thesis supervisor will be allocated to every student at the beginning of the first semester by the Institute Departmental Board. The supervisors will be allocated from the instructors; if there is an insufficient number of instructors, then a lecturer who has carried out a thesis in a similar field will be appointed. Throughout the student’s course, the supervisor is responsible for helping to determine the courses to be taken, the attendance of these courses and following the educational situation of the student, directing the thesis work, and if necessary mediating with the administration, taking care of cultural or other problems and showing the student the way; if necessary the supervisor will warn the student. Finally, the supervisor will present a report, signed by the relevant head of department at the end of every semester to the directorate of the institute.
Guidance and Psychological Counselling
In the Psychological Counselling and Guidance Unit students are offered assistance in psychological, social and economic development. Problems concerned with communication and identity, exam stress, adaptation and other psychological problems are dealt with. In addition to this, the unit organises a number of seminars and conferences, individual sessions as well as group therapy sessions. In the unit, students who have a number of psychological problems are given individual counselling on an appointment basis.