General arrangements for recognition of prior learning

Marmara University students who have begun the learning process for foreign language courses (English, French, German or Arabic) in foreign student preparatory classes or in programmes in which they have been enrolled, or who have completed this process through other means and who believe that they have attained the necessary learning results have the right to enter the relevant exemption exam. Students who attain passing grades from these exams will be exempt from the relevant lesson in the curriculum and this will be recorded on the student’s transcript.
The courses taken by students in the higher education system of Turkey or in higher education systems in foreign countries which have equivalency in Turkey, if so desired and if documented, will be evaluated by the Adjustment Committee; the decision of this committee is final. Those students who are judged as having attained the necessary outcome from these courses will be exempt from the courses and this will be recorded on the student’s transcript.
Students who have graduated from first cycle programmes can be placed in programmes that are a continuation of their earlier programme upon taking the Vertical Transfer Exam (DGS), implemented by ÖSYM. However, these students must take and pass the “Preparation for Graduate Studies” programme before beginning the third year of their first cycle programme.
In the scope of transition between short cycle and first cycle programmes, double majors, minors and the directorate of the principles for transfer between institutions will be carried out according to the principles set out by the University Senate; the direct transfer of students between equivalent programmes of other institutions will be accepted from other institutions of higher education in compliance with the principles set out by the University Senate. Again, in keeping with the same principles, if the student has fulfilled the necessary conditions, they will have the right to register in double major or minor programmes.
In the Turkish higher education system, certificates attained from apprenticeship, industry and similar areas will not be accepted for proof of exemption from courses.