General description of the institution
Since 1883 Marmara University has been an institution with offering academic excellence and is one of leading institutions of higher education in Turkey. The university is located in the largest city in Turkey, Istanbul, and makes an important contribution to the Turkish education system, with approximately 3,000 academic staff and approximately 70,000 students. Marmara University, which includes Faculties of Economic, Business, Political Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Chemistry and Dentistry and providing education in four languages, is the only polyglot university in Turkey.
In Marmara University 541 professors, 313 associate professors, 640 assistant professors, 165 lecturers, 1,261 research assistants, 151 instructors, 48 experts are employed, making a total of 3,119 teaching staff. In addition there are 3 translators and 1 teaching-training planner; 1,504 administrative staff are employed in a variety of units. Our graduates carry the name of our university in both the public and private sector, in Turkey or abroad or heading up their own business.

Marmara University, where education at world standards is provided in almost every area, has opened its door to foreign students, taking strength from a long and successful past. Marmara University has rapidly transformed itself into a modern world university for the future, giving importance to a variety of academic conventions, as well as cultural, art and sport activities; the university has also participated in national and international events, hosting a number of these as well. The university benefits from virtual education, e-science, and e-commerce, e-learning, e-Turkey, information transference technology, high technology, biotechnology, energy, material sciences and similar developments in education and research activities. Our university is one of the few universities to have been included in the European University Association. Our Engineering and Engineering related programmes are in the process of establishing international ABET standards. Our economic and administration science faculties and our social science institute are preparing to enter the EQUIS system, which accredits business and economic education in Europe. Our social sciences institute has been accepted as a member of the EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development). Our university is carrying out research and education protocol and exchanges teaching staff with a number of foreign universities. Our medical faculty has been accredited by UTEAK (Turkish National Accreditation for Medical Faculties).