In order for the students to consolidate the theoretical information that they have learned in their education, internships are compulsory in the engineering and technology faculties. Before each student starts their internship they must have an “Internship Acceptance Form” signed by the institute in which they are going to do their internship and give this to the Faculty/School Internship Commission or Departmental Internship Coordinator, in order to have approval for the internship. The “Internship Acceptance Form” must be delivered to the Internship Commission no later than four weeks before the commencement of the internship.

Due to the characteristics of the education in the departments, the application date for the compulsory internships to be carried out during the year will be announced by the Faculty/School Internship Commission or the Departmental Internship Coordinator. Students can carry out their compulsory internships abroad, on the condition that this does not interfere with their normal teaching programme. Foreign internship acceptance documents will be evaluated by the relevant Internship Commission, which will decide whether this internship can be carried out or not.

Every student must prepare an intern report for their internship and this must be handed in within the required period. The internship report will be prepared in the language of instruction, in keeping with the contents and composition rules as set out by the Internship Directive of the relevant department programme. The internship report will be delivered to the Internship Commission within the required time period. Students who only have to complete internship in order to graduate must finish their report, deliver it and have it evaluated before the announcement of results of supplementary exams in the final semester. Students who do not comply with this will not be able to graduate and the final graduation transactions will not be completed.

The evaluation will be carried out according to the conditions set out by the Faculty/School Internship Regulations and will be evaluated as successful or unsuccessful. The final result will be transmitted to the Dean’s Office of the Faculty/Directorate of the School by the Student Affairs Directorate. If the student is found to have failed the internship they will repeat the internship at another institution under the same conditions.