Learning facilities
 Preparatory Education
Instruction in foreign languages for short cycle and first cycle students at Marmara University will be provided by the Foreign Languages School. According to the needs of the faculties and schools, one year’s education in English, German, French or Arabic will be provided. Every year in September the newly registered students will take a placement test to determine their proficiency in the relevant language. Students who receive 60 out of 100 points or more on this exam will be able to start education in their own department. Students who have received sufficient points from internationally recognized exams will be exempt from language preparatory education. Students who receive less than 60 points on the exam will be placed in classes according to the level of their foreign language proficiency. 85% attendance is mandatory for the preparatory year.

 Equivalent Exams
50 (B2-) 50 50 66 187 513 5,5 B1- B1- 4x3
60 (B2+) 60 60 79 213 550 6 B1 B1 4x3
70 (C1-) 70 70 85 230 570 6,5 B2 B2 4x4
80 (C1-) 80 80 96 243 590 7,5 C1 C1 4x5

Students who fail the final exam must attend summer school or retake the proficiency exam at the beginning of the academic year. If they fail the exam again, they will have to retake the preparatory year. The Foreign Languages School not only provides the preparatory class, but also arranges foreign language courses for students who receive a scholarship from the National Education Ministry or the Higher Education Council to study abroad.

Double Major- Minor Programmes
Double Major Programme
The double major programme is a programme that enables students who are successful in their own department to receive education in a different programme at the same level. The double major programme allows the student to take courses simultaneously from two diploma programmes and to be awarded with two diplomas on graduation. Students can register for a double major programme starting from the third semester, but no later than the fifth semester. At the same time, students can register for more than one double major programme at a time.

Minor Programme
The minor programme allows first cycle students who have fulfilled the necessary requirements and have been accepted to receive minor degrees in a programme in their own faculty or in other faculties. Double major and minor programmes exist in many departments of the university. The quotas of these programmes are determined and announced by the Senate every year.

Lateral Transfer
Students can make transfers at the beginning of the semester within the university or between degree programmes offered at other universities in Turkey. The quotas for lateral transfers are limited. The students cannot apply for lateral transfer in the first two semesters. In order to make a lateral transfer the student must complete all the courses in their own department successfully and must adhere to the lateral transfer regulations.

Summer School
Some courses will be offered in summer school. In order for a course to be offered in summer school the number of students enrolled must be 15 or more. The summer school courses allow the students to retake a course that they have failed or to take a course from a higher year.

The Farabi Coordinator’s Office
The Farabi Exchange Programme is an exchange programme between students and academic personnel at universities within Turkey. A Farabi Coordinator’s Office has been established at our university to coordinate such exchanges.

The Library and Documentation Directorate supports educational and research programmes and provides services in eight different libraries with a great variety of information and documentation for students and academic personnel.

Campus Library
Göztepe Central Library
Acıbadem Fine Arts Faculty Library
Bağlarbaşı Theology Faculty Library
Göztepe European Union Institute Library
Haydarpaşa Law Faculty Library
Haydarpaşa Medicine and Health Sciences Library
Nişantaşı Nişantaşı Campus Library
Pendik Marmara University Hospital Library

The libraries can be accessed on line at http://kutuphane.marmara.edu.tr/. The libraries contain printed and electronic documents as well as visual-audio material. The electronic documents can be accessed from all computers on campus.

Contact Information:

Göztepe Campus 34722,Kadıköy/Istanbul

Tel: +90 216 414 05 45 / 1071

Fax: +90 216 348 43 79

Email: kutuphane@marmara.edu.tr

Computer Opportunities
Marmara University has a strong information technology infrastructure and a number of computer laboratories can be found in the faculties and departments.