Short Cycle Programmes    (Associate's Degree)
Pre-Bachelor - Vocational School of Health Services - Paramedic
General Description  |  Key Learning Outcomes  |  Course Structure Diagram with Credits
General Description ^
Marmara University School of Health Services and Emergency Department was established with the Confirmation of YÖK(lnstitution of High Learning) on 30.05.2000 and started teaching and training in taking its first students in 2004.
Qualification Awarded
Successfully complete the program students are awarded a preliminary license about Emergency and First Aid program, . When the first student graduated, showing the competencies acquired during training courses and modules in the diploma supplement belirtilir.If secondstudent leaves without completing the program, training gained during the qualifications, courses and modules are given a document showing. professional qualifications obtained in the third program, career development, work life, and on-demand certificate programs in all programs other transitions are evaluated.
Specific Admission Requirements
Having graduated from Vocational High School or the Department of Health take the examination provided by OSYM YGS placed in the relevant section.
Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning (Formal, Non-Formal and Informal)
At university students in some courses may be exempt under certain the Board of Directors by approval of the contents of the course and referencing within the duration students the courses be held exempt.
Qualification Requirements and Regulations
Fourth semester students of the Department of Emergency and First Aid (3000-3600 hours of training time should be the overall program. This is a period of time, total learning modules for courses.) 120 ECTS / ECTS credits is by completing the graduate program.
Profile of The Programme
Emergency ambulance, patient transport ambulance, air (helicopter and airplane) and sea ambulances and other emergency aid vehicles, hospitals, clinics, etc. In all the emergency services to work in emergency medical services, in line with innovations in medicine constantly update their knowledge and skills to train technicians.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples
Graduates of the Emergency Department qualifications gained in line with the are able to work in the with KPSS exam government, university and private hospitals, emergency services, land, sea and air ambulance.
Access to Further Studies
Students graduating with a HEC associate's degree in accordance with relevant legislation, other universities about their areas of Emergency and Disaster Management, Nursing, Nursing and Health Care programs (undergraduate programs) may apply and vertical transmission.
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
There is a midterm and a final exam in each somestr in an academiz year for students who attend classes.A course grade is determined by the sum of Midterm exam of 40% and the final exam 60% .70% of the students' attendance is compulsory. Relative Measurement and evaluation system is used.
Graduation Requirements
Emergency and First Aid students have to complete 100 credit and 120 ects credits for four semester. to graduate from departement. Successfully complete the program students are awarded a preliminary license about Emergency and First Aid program, .
Mode of Study (Full-Time, Part-Time, E-Learning )
Address, Programme Director or Equivalent
Head of Department,Prof.Dr.Ümit Topaloğlu INTERVIEWS, Tel: +90 216 336 47 66 / +90 216 338 27 98 Fax: + 90,216,541 00 75 Address: Marmara University Haydarpasa Campus, 34668 Istanbul / Turkey
There is a one faculty member, a doctor, technician, department secretary and a servant working First aid and emergency department. In addition,the Department of First and Emergency Aid contains the first and second training program.The courses of the first and emergency aid program, course plan, the content of the modules at the bottom of these courses include education and training applications.
Key Learning Outcomes ^
1 Quickly reached the scene in cases of sudden illness or injury, if any, with a doctor to assess the situation, if necessary, makes the initial treatment and transfer of appropriate hospital emergency department provides the correct method. (Emergency Health Services)
2 Under the authority of the legislation, at the time of emergency patients and wounded, medical authorities recognized manuals and flow charts of the legislation pointed implements. (ii urgent approach to the patient)
3 Status of emergency medical services in the world and in Turkey, and the first aid and emergency technician knows the duties and responsibilities within this system(Emergency Health Services).
4 The patient and disease characteristics to prepare the appropriate remedies, applies
5 Necessary records related to the patient, the amount properly
6 Calm at the scene, quick, series, and gives the right decision
7 Basic professional knowledge is the first and emergency technician
8 Patients, patients' relatives and other health professionals communicate with the oral and written
9 In case of emergency assistance, psychological and social aspects of both the patient and also to protect himself, uses the necessary knowledge and skills. (effective communication in emergency situations)
10 Vocational and universal values, in line with the concept of continuous professional development is
11 To promote itself as the intellectual and social aspects of national and universal values, principles obtains
12 Have information on quality development and quality standards
Course Structure Diagram with Credits ^
T : Theoretical P: Practice
1 . Semester > YDZx121 Foreign Language I
No Course Unit Code Course Unit Title Type of Course T P ECTS
1 YDZA121 German I Compulsory 2 0 2
2 YDZF121 French I Compulsory 2 0 2
3 YDZI121 English I Compulsory 2 0 2
2 . Semester > ABT-S1,2 Elective 1 - 2
No Course Unit Code Course Unit Title Type of Course T P ECTS
1 ABT110 Physical Fitness Compulsory 2 0 3
2 ABT170 Compulsory 2 0 3
3 ANT123 Tıbbi Terminoloji Compulsory 2 0 3
4 ANT133 İlkyardım Compulsory 2 0 3
5 BSP160 Knowledge and Communication Technology Compulsory 2 0 3
2 . Semester > YDZx122 Foreign Language II
No Course Unit Code Course Unit Title Type of Course T P ECTS
1 YDZA122 German II Compulsory 2 0 2
2 YDZF122 French II Compulsory 2 0 2
3 YDZI122 English II Compulsory 2 0 2
3 . Semester > ABT-S3,4 Elective - 3-4
No Course Unit Code Course Unit Title Type of Course T P ECTS
1 ABT251 Compulsory 2 0 3
2 ABT253 Geriatrik Yaklaşım Compulsory 2 0 3
3 ILT190 Compulsory 2 0 3
4 SGL260 Quality Assurance and Standards Compulsory 2 0 3
4 . Semester > ABT-S5,6,7 Elective - 5-6-7
No Course Unit Code Course Unit Title Type of Course T P ECTS
1 ABT272 Effective Communications in Em Compulsory 2 0 3
2 BSB150 Compulsory 2 0 3
3 SGL130 Research Methods and Techniques Compulsory 2 0 3
4 SGL144 Meslek Etiği Compulsory 2 0 3
5 SGL280 Environment Protection Compulsory 2 0 3