Short Cycle Programmes    (Associate's Degree)
Pre-Bachelor - Vocational School of Social Sciences - Bureau Management and Executive Assistantship
General Description  |  Key Learning Outcomes  |  Course Structure Diagram with Credits
General Description ^
The Vocational School of Social Sciences, which was founded on 01.07.1984 as an affiliated unit of Marmara University Rectorate, started with two 2-year departments at short cycle level: “Department of Economics and Administrative Programs” and “Department of Health Programs”. According to the decision of Turkish Higher Education Council dated November 6, 1987; the programs of “Tourism Management” and “Bureau Administration and Secretaryship” were open under the Department of Economics and Administrative Programs, and started to accept students in 1988-1989 education year.
Qualification Awarded
Associate Diploma in Office Management and Secretarial Training Program
Specific Admission Requirements
They entered the program as an administrative assistant, office management and vocational high school student selection examination çıkışlılar According to the note, according to the results gained Transfer students from high schools or if the record can be a flat. The recording conditions are prepared by the students could be declared.
Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning (Formal, Non-Formal and Informal)
Formal learning level structure. A formal learning level structure. and could have legal knowledge and terminology. Filing uygulabilir public and private sector level, and could with the knowledge of the techniques. Protocol rules uygulayabilmeli private and business life. Assistant Secretary and Administrator kullanabilmeli employment information. Accounting, Business Information and Documentation tanıyabilmeli. Transactions and be able to analyze the rules of the economy. Quick post and on the finger F keyboard kullanabilmeli yazabilmeli. Public and private business correspondence rules and could have the ability to do according to TSE standards.
Qualification Requirements and Regulations
Adequate level of education completed by the program office management and secretarial students who are graduating from high school. Undergraduate students in learning by studying the increasing self-developing information. Graduation of students who may be employed during the high notes easily.
Profile of The Programme
Office management and executive assistant program managers in all levels of public and private organizations to manage general administrative support services are intended to train qualified personnel. 2-year associate degree level courses in this area in relation to education and training course content is up to date, and is sure that his career can be applied. Attention is paid to the problem in a matter of karşılıştıkları yaşamamalarına students. With Quick note-taking skills, prepare reports, surveys can be done, the administrator alternafi protocol is able to care for students to submit their applications in business education is offered
Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples
Public and private sector enterprises are trying to work as an administrative assistant and office management. Information units in the industry as a student trainee olmaktadırlar sahbi. Internship students who were satisfied with the work of 30-day period at the end of internship employment businesses are able to assess. In this form of graduate students and working life experienced olmaktadırlar thrown. After internships with advanced foreign language students can find jobs easily in the sector. Began to work as an administrative assistant, office management and under the terms of a student graduating from high might raise his salary.
Access to Further Studies
Graduates of associate degree programs, distance education and vocational colleges, graduated licensing programs in the fields is a continuation of the quota is divided into undergraduate programs with the aim of making a transition to the vertical. the quota, without an examination by continuing the programs of vocational schools can not be less than ten percent of graduating students. graduates of vocational schools and distance education bachelor degree programs in formal education for those who have conditions which apply to the vertical switch to open degree programs, which program graduates will açıköğretimin apply for undergraduate programs, and vocational schools, and programs that these programs be used in the placement points quota species, the transition to a vertical taking into consideration opinions and proposals of the universities is determined and announced the Board of Higher Education.
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
Each semester / year opened a little crush on the lessons as a midterm exam and a semester / year-end exam. Semester exams for units that are not academic style. For a course semester / year in the mid-term evaluation must be made at least one. Each semester / year and in the assessment tool (midterms, homework, projects, labs, and other studies ulgulama) scored over 100 points. Export letter grade, semester / year, including the final exam is performed after all the assessment tools notlandırılktan. Semester / year-end contribution to the final exam at least 40% success rate is 60% at most. Passing grade, semester / year in the assessment and semester / year exam grades are calculated. this calculation, which was declared before the course record yenilemedöneminden monitoring program on the basis of an assessment tool, each student received a note, the success ratio of the assessment tool and the calculation result of the contribution rate and rounded çarpılırak collected. Success evaluation method to convert lettered success grade achievement score was calculated over 100. Achievement levels of students, who had finished their courses that semester, Yano and monitored with a GPA is calculated for all courses are taken. Yano-style layout of the academic year instead of half year accounts are based on GPA.
Graduation Requirements
They are registered in courses in the curriculum, practice, and even succeeded in successfully completing an internship in accordance with such requirements of the regulations' of water which is 2.00 or higher are eligible for diploma students. Undergraduate / graduate students who complete their studies and honor students GANO'su between 3.00 and 3.49; GANO'su 3.50 or higher to graduate students with the highest honors as a student. this information, the student's transcript and diploma supplement is indicated. Attachments diploma is a diploma in Turkish and English with the students. Sees student learning annexes Diploma qualifications, student achievement and diploma type status is indicated. Semester / year-end and follow mezineyeti used for the maximum amount of time passes all the courses required to graduate from the program have hot, but the 2.00 GPA requirement to graduate students who came to the stage of dismissal dismissed failure to perform; GANO'larını last two classes, the courses they wish to raise, search without the next semester / year examination are entitled to unlimited, provided start. these students, only the semester / year-end semester exams when opened / in the fall. The highest ones in the notes belonging to the same class are considered.
Mode of Study (Full-Time, Part-Time, E-Learning )
Address, Programme Director or Equivalent
Head of Department Doç. Dr. G. Mine Gerni Tel No: 0 212 517 20 16- 149 Marmara University Vocational School of Social Sciences, Office Management and Secretarial Training Program Soğanağa Camii Nur sok. No:9-11 Beyazıt- İstanbul
Office management and executive assistant in the Public and Private sector companies can do an internship with the relevant departments and the opportunity to work after graduating from the course contents were examined bulabilirler.Programın students began working in business education to applications where quality can be seen without difficulty faced. Students can write quickly, and may dictate stenoyu. Rapid finger F can use the keyboard 10. Microsoft office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) as applied in the laboratory can easily use the computer to learn. Increases self-confidence through training. Understands how to do job search. CV preparation., Interview, Clothing, Business life finds the opportunity to apply the layout of speech. Business decision makers understand the importance of working conditions and references. Understands the interactive applications. Content and layout of information reinforces the importance of commercial correspondence.
Key Learning Outcomes ^
1 Search in business component level, general culture, the basic law and commercial law, labor law, social security and has full knowledge.
2 Knows that information is capable of general math and analytical thinking.
3 Job requires knowledge of business management has a minimum level. In a company's management style, organizational structure, sufficiently knowledgeable about the principles of operation.
4 Basic accounting knowledge and knows the functioning of accounting. Recognizes the commercial documents used in business, make regulations regarding the forms.
5 Knows the basic logic and principles of the economy. Producer and consumer behavior, price and cost concepts, supply and demand balance, will have information about the concepts mL of income and economic growth.
6 Receive any written text, businesses, and government relations, knows the rules of correspondence. Knows Business English correspondence, prepare a variety of examples of foreign letters. Has a basic knowledge of speech and dialogue with the foreign language used in the office.
7 Arrangement of offices, work flow, such as simplification of business knows that the fundamentals of technical efficiency. To obtain information about the types of Secretariat. The concept of vocational, scientific aspects of secretarial profession, professional information services within the framework of the Secretariat knows, learns that the duties and responsibilities.
8 Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, Power Point), on the document background, text effects and borders to be able to learn to use. To obtain information on Office Automation. Allows the system works.
9 Knows the functioning of the Human Resources departments, business meetings-wise performance issues. Planning required to make its business, public relations, customer relations and knows the way.
10 Protocol types (invited, meeting, correspondence, telephone protocols), the state will have information about the rules of business life and the protocol. The family, workplace, street, and learns the etiquette and other social areas. Art History and receives information about the date. Understands the importance of the rules learned in museums.
11 Document management, Electronic document management, types, public and private sector holds information about the filing and archiving systems. Knows the methods of storing documents.
12 The concept of total quality at work, principles and implementation, the benefits of total quality, knowledgeable about the ISO 9000 quality standards.
13 Methods of human relationships, in terms of psychology and social psychology learns, has information on personality development. Main points of upper-lower relationships, motivation, leadership bilgilenir about issues.
14 Data, methods of collecting and editing them knows, the administrator will assist in preparing the report.
15 The talks speed writing (taking notes). the timing and punctuality, learning to notice details, the differences visually acquires alışkanllıkları. On the use of keyboard and fast typing fingers F, wins with written evaluation and correction capabilities.
Course Structure Diagram with Credits ^
T : Theoretical P: Practice
No Course Unit Code Course Unit Title Type of Course T P ECTS
1 ATA121 Ataturk's Principles and History of Turkish Revolution I Compulsory 2 0 2
2 BYS101 Knowledge of Secretarial duties Compulsory 2 0 6
3 BYS121 Keyboard I Compulsory 2 0 6
4 HUK161 Basic Law Compulsory 2 0 2
5 IKT103 Economics I Compulsory 2 0 2
6 KSS141 Art I Compulsory 2 0 2
7 MAT163 General Mathematics Compulsory 2 0 2
8 MUH101 Accounting I Compulsory 2 0 2
9 TRD121 Turkish Language I Compulsory 2 0 2
10 YDZx121 Foreign Language I Elective 2 0 2
11 YON101 Business Management Compulsory 2 0 2
Total 22 0 30
No Course Unit Code Course Unit Title Type of Course T P ECTS
1 ATA122 Ataturk's Principles and History of Turkish Revolution II Compulsory 2 0 2
2 BYS102 Office Management Compulsory 2 0 6
3 BYS104 Business Information and Documents Compulsory 2 0 2
4 BYS122 Business Writing Compulsory 2 0 6
5 BYS200 Practice Compulsory 0 0 2
6 IKT104 Economics II Compulsory 2 0 2
7 KSS142 Art II Compulsory 2 0 2
8 MUH102 Accounting II Compulsory 2 0 2
9 TRD122 Turkish Language II Compulsory 2 0 2
10 YDZx122 Foreign Language II Elective 2 0 2
11 YON114 Management and Organization Compulsory 2 0 2
Total 20 0 30
No Course Unit Code Course Unit Title Type of Course T P ECTS
1 BSP205 Computer I Compulsory 4 0 4
2 BYS201 Stenography I Compulsory 2 0 4
3 BYS203 Filing Compulsory 2 0 2
4 BYS205 Rules of Protocol Compulsory 2 0 2
5 BYS221 Keyboard II Compulsory 2 0 6
6 DB203 Organizational Behaviour Compulsory 2 0 2
7 HIT250 Public Relations Compulsory 2 0 2
8 IK201 Human Resources Compulsory 2 0 3
9 YDI213 Commercial English I Compulsory 2 0 3
10 YON201 Total Quality Management Compulsory 2 0 2
Total 22 0 30
No Course Unit Code Course Unit Title Type of Course T P ECTS
1 BSP206 Computer II Compulsory 4 0 4
2 BYS202 Stenography II Compulsory 2 0 4
3 BYS214 Office Automation Compulsory 2 0 4
4 BYS216 Secretary and Business Relations Compulsory 2 0 4
5 BYS218 Research Techniques Compulsory 2 0 4
6 DB202 Business Psychology Compulsory 2 0 4
7 HUK262 Social Security and Business Law Compulsory 2 0 3
8 YDI214 Commercial English II Compulsory 2 0 3
Total 18 0 30
1 . Semester > YDZx121 Foreign Language I
No Course Unit Code Course Unit Title Type of Course T P ECTS
1 YDZA121 German I Compulsory 2 0 2
2 YDZF121 French I Compulsory 2 0 2
3 YDZI121 English I Compulsory 2 0 2
2 . Semester > YDZx122 Foreign Language II
No Course Unit Code Course Unit Title Type of Course T P ECTS
1 YDZA122 German II Compulsory 2 0 2
2 YDZF122 French II Compulsory 2 0 2
3 YDZI122 English II Compulsory 2 0 2