First Cycle Programmes    (Bachelor's Degree)
Bachelor - Ataturk Faculty of Education - Geography Teacher Education
General Description  |  Key Learning Outcomes  |  Course Structure Diagram with Credits
General Description ^
With the Higher Education Act No. 2547 in 1981, converted into the Faculty of Education Institutes, located in the Institute of Geography of Social Sciences in the Departments of Departments of Education formed a part of the departments of this later became an independent section. On the other hand the two-year or four-year Education High Schools to Faculties of Education visible, it began to establish faculties, departments within the new geography. Marmara University Faculty of Education Department of Secondary Education Social Studies Education Geography Teacher education and training has been active since the founding of the university.
Qualification Awarded
Geography Teacher
Specific Admission Requirements
student selection and placement exam, determined to score,There is a certain quota. Register to submit documents to the record office of the university during the period.
Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning (Formal, Non-Formal and Informal)
Having graduated from a secondary institution. formal or informal. institution of higher education to be successful in the exam. education department of geography
Qualification Requirements and Regulations
Applicable terms and conditions set by ÖSYM qualification.
Profile of The Programme
This programme's periode of study is 5 years. Geography lessons are taught first 3.5 years, ant the last 1.5 years reserved to the professional lessons.In this program, the language of instruction is Turkish.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples
Geography teacher and researcher DSI, Highways ... and so on. geomorphologists organizations TSI, DPT, Tourism, Environment, Regional Planning specialist organizations such as the Ministry of Forestry Municipalities can receive tasks such as City Planner and Environmental Specialist.
Access to Further Studies
Graduate programs in geography education students can graduate with a degree in majors. If we were successful in the doctoral program may enter into foreign languages​​.graduate school is a transitional license. geography graduate program.
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
a visa is made within a period and a final. is 40%, 60% of the visa shall be final. The sum of the two shows the status of teaching success. General shall be successful or unsuccessful according to their GPA.
Graduation Requirements
Completion of all courses taught in departments of Geography and the obligation to ensure that sufficient credit is average. to deliver the final project must also be your homework. Marmara University, department of geography teacher-
Mode of Study (Full-Time, Part-Time, E-Learning )
Address, Programme Director or Equivalent
studies, seminar room, library and car-wares kullanabilirler.Coğrafya students benefit from the Department of Education. can work with faculty members. also participate in trips to the department's geographical application.
Key Learning Outcomes ^
1 The student should be able to explain, correlate, and appropriately state the fundamental and important concepts in geographical education.
2 The student will learn how to make analytical, critical and scientific approaches.
3 The student will gain learning skills that do not include rote learning, but rather critical thinking, examination, and understanding the relationship between concepts.
4 The students will be able to carry out proper planning as part of the learning process.
5 The student will be able to keep up to date with educational technology and implement this technology in the classroom environment, adapting it to teaching.
6 The student should be aware of national and international educational systems.
7 The student should be able to select the appropriate technology for teaching.
8 The student should be able to design instruction materials to meet teaching requirements.
9 The student will understand basic concepts of geography and other sciences, and be able to establish a relationship between these.
10 The student will be trained in keeping with modern day techniques and concepts, and be equipped from individual, professional and social aspects.
11 The student will be able to establish a relationship between nature and humanity. The student should be sensitive to the environment and society .
12 The student should be able to defend national and universal sensitivities as expressed in the Fundamental Turkish Educational Law.
Course Structure Diagram with Credits ^
T : Theoretical P: Practice
1 . Semester > COG-SD1 Seçimlik Ders - 1
No Course Unit Code Course Unit Title Type of Course T P ECTS
1 COG161 Genel Jeoloji Compulsory 2 0 4
2 COG163 Mineral ve Kayaçlar Compulsory 2 0 4
1 . Semester > YDZx121 Foreign Language I
No Course Unit Code Course Unit Title Type of Course T P ECTS
1 YDZA121 German I Compulsory 2 0 2
2 YDZF121 French I Compulsory 2 0 2
3 YDZI121 English I Compulsory 2 0 2