Second Cycle Programmes    (Master's Degree)
Master (with thesis) - Institute of Educational Sciences - Elementary Education - Primary Education
General Description  |  Key Learning Outcomes  |  Course Structure Diagram with Credits
General Description ^
Department of Primary, Elementary School Teacher Education 1991-1992 school year firstly was opened, depending on the Institute of Social Sciences Graduate Program, currently underway and depending on the Institute of Education Sciences.
Qualification Awarded
Master of Education
Specific Admission Requirements
1. ALES (Academic Personnel and Graduate Entrance Examination) is at least 60, 2 Transcript of at least 100 grade 65, from 4 to 2.50, 3 Successfully pass the scientific assessment test, 4 Must successfully pass the interview test.
Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning (Formal, Non-Formal and Informal)
he following degree programs to apply for Master Teacher Program must have graduated from one. 1. Department of Elementary Education (School ÖncesiÖğretmenliği, School Teacher, Math Teacher, Science Teacher Education) 2 Department of Educational Sciences, Department of Psychological Counseling and Guidance, Department of Educational Administration and Supervision 3 4 Department of Turkish Language Teaching Department of Foreign Languages ​​(English Education, French Education, German Teacher) 5 Department of Fine Arts (Art Teacher, Music Teacher) 6 7 Department of Computer and Instructional Technology 8 Department of Special Education Department of Secondary Science and Mathematics Education (Physics, Chemistry, Biology Teacher Education) 9 Secondary Education Social Studies Education Department (Turkish Language Teaching, Teacher of History, Geography Teacher) 10 11 Department of Curriculum and Instruction Educational Measurement and Evaluation 12 Department of Psychological Services in Education 13 Department of Educational Psychology 14 15 Department of Public Education Physical Education and Sports High School / Physical Education and Sports Department
Qualification Requirements and Regulations
To complete therotical and practical work successfully
Profile of The Programme
The program aims to educate individuals with academic qualifications. Program completion time is four semesters, the maximum period of six half-years. The program is compulsory and elective courses. The program language is Turkish.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples
Ministry of Education official as an inspector and as a deputy state schools opened by the universities to fulfill the necessary conditions depending on the condition that staff work as an instructor. Post-doctoral programs can be made Master of the transition.
Access to Further Studies
Master of Philosophy Master's Degree is required in the process of transition. Be ALES score 70 and above, UDS must be at least 60 points. In addition, students are subjected to scientific examination and interview.
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
Each course is 40% for the midterm exam, final exam is 60%. The passing grade for each course at least 65. Seminar course must be successfully. Also at the end of semester, a thesis must be prepared to be presented before the jury.
Graduation Requirements
At the end of semester, students must complete all courses successfully. Must be at least 2.50 GANO'su Classes, seminars and courses to be successful requires a successful completion of the thesis before a jury defendes orally.
Mode of Study (Full-Time, Part-Time, E-Learning )
Address, Programme Director or Equivalent
Prof. Dr. Sefer ADA, Marmara Üniversitesi, Atatürk Eğitim Fakültesi, Sınıf Öğretmenliği ABD. Göztepe Kampüsü, İstanbul/Kadıköy Tel: 0216 3363686-222
Abroad under the Erasmus program of student and faculty exchange, or Mentally Impaired Teacher Education Teaching Early Childhood Education departments the opportunity to double major Projection Library Computer Lab Classes Art education seminar room, multi-purpose hall Sports hall music room, drama room, workshop, business workshop.
Key Learning Outcomes ^
1 Student teachers acquire foreign language skills at the level of following resources written in foreign languages.
2 Have scientific and analytical thinking skills.
3 Know research methods and and techniques
4 Design a research project, collect data, analyse and interpret data.
5 Student teachers acquire sufficient technical and pedagogical skills in using Information and Communications Technology for educational purposes.
6 Student teachers acquire sufficient pedagogical content knowledge in primary education; know and apply contemporary teaching, measurement and assessment methods and techniques.
7 Know structure of Turkish education system and its historical development
8 Have adquate knowledge in contemporary learning and teaching theories and approaches.
9 Acquire skills and knowledge in accessing research rseources and rewieving research literature in primary education
10 Acquire skills and knowledge in finding solutions to problems faced in primary education.
Course Structure Diagram with Credits ^
T : Theoretical P: Practice