Second Cycle Programmes    (Master's Degree)
II. Master (non-thesis EE) - Institute of Health Sciences - Medical Nursing
General Description  |  Key Learning Outcomes  |  Course Structure Diagram with Credits
General Description ^
Began in 2005-2006 academic year.
Qualification Awarded
Master of Science in Medical Nursing.
Specific Admission Requirements
Admission requirements are: (1) having a bachelor's degree in nursing; (2) fulfilling criteria announced at admission advertisement given by Institute of Health Sciences.
Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning (Formal, Non-Formal and Informal)
Having a bachelor's degree in nursing.
Qualification Requirements and Regulations
Successful completion of lessons and to be delivered the project.
Profile of The Programme
The student to provide learning the basic concepts of nursing; developing knowledge and skills in health promotion, statistics, clinical decision making and ethical issue; giving nursing care in accordance with ethical principles, taking on responsibility for maintenance of health, assessing of health and illness needs, completing the scientific research project.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples
Caregiver, instructor, administrator in public and private health institutions academic staff in naitional and international higher education institutions.
Access to Further Studies
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
40% of in year assesments (visa, homework, project), 60% of year and evaluation (final exam, homework, project) and to be succesful the project.
Graduation Requirements
Successful completion of lessons and to be delivered the project.
Mode of Study (Full-Time, Part-Time, E-Learning )
Address, Programme Director or Equivalent
Haydarpaşa Kampüsü, İstanbul. 0216 330 20 70-1160 Associate professor Sezgi Çınar
Computer lab., skill lab., internet, clinical practice in training and research hospitals
Key Learning Outcomes ^
1 Know pathophysiology of diseases
2 Know etiology and risk factor of diseases
3 Take prevention for protection against chronic illness and apply
4 Understand and meaning sign-symptoms of diseases
5 Know the treatment strategies and apply
6 Describe the patient’ needs accordance with the nursing process
7 Apply the nursing implementations, train to patient and evaluate outcomes.
8 Know the rehabilitation of chronic diseases
9 Describe the practitioner, instructor, and research roles of the nurse
10 Be aware of research and developing
Course Structure Diagram with Credits ^
T : Theoretical P: Practice
No Course Unit Code Course Unit Title Type of Course T P ECTS
1 DAH711 Medical Nursing I Compulsory 2 2 8
2 DAH713 Intensive Care Nursing I Compulsory 2 2 7
3 DAH-S1,2,3-TZ Elective - 1-2-3 Elective 6 2 15
Total 10 6 30
No Course Unit Code Course Unit Title Type of Course T P ECTS
1 DAH712 Medical Nursing II Compulsory 2 2 6
2 DAH714 Intensive Care Nursing II Compulsory 2 2 6
3 DAH754 Geriatric Nursing Compulsory 2 2 5
4 DAH798 Semester Project Compulsory 0 1 5
5 DAH-S4,5-TZ Elective - 4-5 Elective 4 2 8
Total 10 9 30