Second Cycle Programmes    (Master's Degree)
Master (with thesis) - Institute of Health Sciences - Anatomy
General Description  |  Key Learning Outcomes  |  Course Structure Diagram with Credits
General Description ^
Anatomy department has established to teach anatomy and make research. The human anatomy is taught to different student groups from medical , dentistry , pharmacy and vocational schools. The master and PhD programs aim to train researchers and academic staff. The main research focus of deparment is neuroscience , clinical and microscopic anatomy.
Qualification Awarded
Anatomy MSc
Specific Admission Requirements
Being graduated from Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy, Biology division of Faculty of Arts and Science or Faculty of Education, Division of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Physiotherapy and rehabilitaion; to score at least 60 points (quantative field) at the ALES Exam (Akademik Personel ve Lisansüstü Eğitimi Giriş Sınavı - Academic Personnel and Postgraduate Education Entrance Exam), to be successful at the Scientific Assessment and the interview.
Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning (Formal, Non-Formal and Informal)
According to the Higher Education Legislation formal education is performed. Students enrolled in the anatomy master programs of other universities’ may apply for transfers. In the case the student is enrolled in a master program at our University, which of the courses the student has taken while enrolled in a master program at another university, would be considered to be of the minimum course load will be decided upon the proposal of the supervisor and the relevant Department Board; and the approval of the Institute's Board of Directors.
Qualification Requirements and Regulations
The program consists of a minimum of seven courses of not less than a total of 21 local credits, a seminar course and thesis work. Graduate study program consists of compulsory and elective courses. The program is 60 ECTS credits in total. Students who successfully completed the courses, and successfully defended their master’s thesis in front of the jury; and scored at least an average of 2.5 (over 4) are entitled to receive the master’s diploma.
Profile of The Programme
This program, is structured to introduce the enrolled student to advanced concepts, original research areas, research techniques and current education and training applications regarding clinical anatomy, gross anatomy and neuroscience; as well as to allow the students undertake a research project that will contribute to their academic development, and to contribute to the education of new specialists while preparing them for the master level of education
Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples
As academic staff at national and international higher education institutions, as anatomis at private health companies .
Access to Further Studies
Upon successful completion of a master's degree graduates, take note ALES valid, provided that the need to provide English language competency in the areas of multi-disciplinary doctoral programs and may apply to their fields and are accepted if they are successful in the interview.
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
In general, 40% of in-year assessments (mid-term exams, assignments, 60% of year-end assessments (final exam, assignments, projects, etc.); and the master’s thesis of the student should be considered as successful by the academic jury.
Graduation Requirements
The program provided a total of not less than 21 credits at least seven courses, a seminar course and thesis work. Students of compulsory and elective courses each semester course makes the selection. In case the board of directors to approve the programs of the institute of higher education institutions in other courses can be selected. Are non-credit seminar course and thesis are evaluated as successful or unsuccessful. Master's thesis prepared by students writing a thesis according to the rules of the institute concerned must prepare and defend it orally before a jury. Dissertation thesis exam, the jury accepted, rejected, or correction can decide. The student whose thesis is correct decision, in accordance with recommendations no later than three months in editing the thesis argues that the jury again.
Mode of Study (Full-Time, Part-Time, E-Learning )
Address, Programme Director or Equivalent
Prof. Ümit S. Şehirli , Marmara University School of Medicine Department of Anatomy Tıbbiye Cad. Haydarpaşa Binası, 34668 Üsküdar/ İstanbul. Tel: 0216 414 47 38, Fax: 0216 414 47 31 email:
Gross anatomy laboratory , experimental research laboratory, electrophysiology laboratory, microscopic imaging unit. The students are able to access to the scientific databases (ScienceDirect,Pubmed,Springerlink), relevant books, research, source and literature, besides the material and instruments that will be used in during thesis. A research laboratory and fluorescence microscope room exist in the department. MSC and PhD theses may be supported by Marmara University Scientific Research Projects Commission.
Key Learning Outcomes ^
1 Having knowledge in human anatomy
2 Having knowledge in functional human anatomy
3 Being capable of doing multi-diciplinary research
4 Being able to use the research laboratory equipments
5 Having knowledge in dissection techniques
6 Having ability to read and evaluate sceintific papers
7 Being capable of getting post doctoral education
8 Having knowledge in basic medical sciences
9 Enhancing the problem solving ability of the individuals in clinical fields
10 Being able to participate in anatomy laboratory education
Course Structure Diagram with Credits ^
T : Theoretical P: Practice
No Course Unit Code Course Unit Title Type of Course T P ECTS
1 ANA701 Tissue Anatomy Compulsory 2 4 9
2 ANA703 Anatomy of Gastrointestinal System Compulsory 2 2 7
3 ANA-S1-2-YL Elective - 1-2 Elective 4 2 14
Total 8 8 30
No Course Unit Code Course Unit Title Type of Course T P ECTS
1 ANA700 Seminar Compulsory 0 2 4
2 ANA702 Neuroanatomy Compulsory 3 2 12
3 ANA-S3,4-YL Elective - 3-4 Elective 4 2 14
Total 7 6 30
No Course Unit Code Course Unit Title Type of Course T P ECTS
1 Thesis Compulsory 60
1 . Semester > ANA-S1-2-YL Elective - 1-2
No Course Unit Code Course Unit Title Type of Course T P ECTS
1 ANA704 Research Techniques in Anatomy Compulsory 2 2 7
2 . Semester > ANA-S3,4-YL Elective - 3-4
No Course Unit Code Course Unit Title Type of Course T P ECTS
1 ANA706 Anatomy of Respiratory, Cardiovascular and Hematopoietic System Compulsory 2 2 7
2 ANA708 Anatomy of Urogenital System Compulsory 2 2 7