Practical information for mobile students

Application Process
The exchange coordinator of joint institutions will announce the definite dates for students who are to participate in an exchange programme. Exchange students must complete the application process.

The documents that the Erasmus students must present to the departmental coordinator during the application process are as follows:
1. Marmara University’s original application form: this will be filled out by the students, with a photograph and signed and stamped by the Departmental and Institutional Coordinator of the university that is sending the student.

2. The original Learning Agreement: Before the student can go to the university as a visiting student, the form must be signed and stamped by both the sending and the host universities’ Departmental and Institutional Coordinators. Meeting with the Erasmus Department Coordinator of Marmara University during the process of selecting courses for the learning agreement is important. The Erasmus Departmental Coordinator can be reached at the following link:

In addition, the course list of the faculties can be accessed from Marmara University’s home page. The students must study the course contents before selecting courses.

3. Transcript (original): This is the document that shows the grades for the courses that the student took at their own university.
The students must present all the original documents, signed and stamped by their own university.

After the application has been received, the host university sends a letter of acceptance. This letter will be necessary during visa and grant applications.

Visa and Residency
The foreign students must present a copy of the acceptance letter sent by Marmara University to the Turkish Embassy/Consulate in their own country in order to get a student visa.
The student visa will be valid during the time that the student is at the university. As it can take time to get a Turkish visa, it is recommended that the students start the visa application process as soon as they receive their Erasmus exchange programme acceptance.
Within a month of arriving in Turkey the students must personally apply for residency. The Istanbul Police Headquarters issues residency permits.
If the student arrives with a tourist visa in Turkey no residency permit is required; however, a tourist visa only lasts three months.

Location of University
Marmara University consists of 14 faculties, 6 schools, 11 institutes, and 31 research centres, in 14 different campuses, most of which are on the Anatolian side of Istanbul.

Göztepe Campus, a central location on the Asian side of Istanbul is the largest campus of Marmara University’s 14 campuses. This campus is near the region of Kadıköy, a central location for transport between the European and Asian sides of Istanbul. All the centres in the campus are within walking distance. In addition, there is direct transport from a number of points on the Asian and European sides of Istanbul from the campus. A map of the campus can be accessed at

Arrival and First Things to Be Done
The first and most important point of contact for exchange students at Marmara University is the Erasmus coordinator of their department. It is necessary for these students to meet with the coordinator for their academic programme.
The list of the Erasmus coordinators for all departments can be accessed at the link below:
Secondly, the students must visit the International Office. Here the student will be issued with a Student Identity Card and Student Travel Card Application Form. The International Office will give the students information about Turkish language courses and orientation meetings.
It is necessary that all exchange students attain and fill out the following documents from the International Office:
  1. 1. Marmara University Erasmus Student Form
  2. 2. Students Travel Card Application Form
  3. 3. Student Identity Card
* 3 photographs are needed for these forms.
It is recommended that students participate in the orientation programmes offered by the International Office.

Tuition Fees
Exchange students who come to Marmara University for education with the Erasmus Programme are not subjected to any student fees.

Cost of Living
It costs students between 300 and 550 Euros per month to live in Istanbul.
Accommodation: The cost of accommodation ranges between 150 and 250 Euros per person per month. This figure can change according to the dimensions and location of the house and the number of students sharing.
Cost of Living: This is around 100-200 Euro per month (food, transport, etc)
Academic Costs: This ranges between 50 and 100 Euros per semester (books, photocopies, etc).

Libraries and Computer Services
The Central Library of Marmara University is located on the Göztepe Campus. The library is open from Monday to Friday, from 09.00 to 18.30. The computer room in the library is available to Erasmus students. At the same time there is internet access in the Computer Centre. There is access to some online databases from all computers in the university.

Erasmus students can borrow books from the Central Library. In order to borrow books, the students must apply for a library card. Before leaving the university, the library must confirm in writing that the student has returned all the borrowed books.

Postal Service : The students can use the post office (PTT) located on Göztepe Campus to post letters/parcels and to carry out some banking matters.

Sporting and Cultural Activities Marmara University’s Health, Culture and Sports Directorate, located on Göztepe Campus, organises sporting and cultural activities for the students. As well as matches in different sporting branches, music, dance, computer, drama and other courses are offered.

Before Departing
Before departing from Istanbul Erasmus students must visit the departmental coordinator and International Office. Here they must attain the documents listed below and deliver them to the sending university at the finish of the Erasmus exchange programme.
1. ECTS Transcript
This document is prepared by the department and will be sent to the student’s own university at the finish of the exchange programme.
2. Learning Agreement
The original of the Learning Agreement, signed and stamped by the Department and Institution Coordinators of Marmara University.
3. Participation Certificate
The original Participation Certificate, signed and stamped by Marmara University.