First Cycle - Faculty of Engineering - Computer Engineering (English)
Y : Year of Study S : Semester
Course Unit Code Course Unit Title Type of Course Y S ECTS
CSE4044 Software Project Management Compulsory 4 7 5
Objectives of the Course
Upon completion, students should be able to estimate and plan, effectively monitor progress, and perform a project risk assessment for a software development project. They will also understand how software development is integrated with other business activities and how social and environmental factors impact development.
Learning Outcomes
1 Understand how software development is integrated with other business activities and how social and environmental factors impact development
2 Build an effective and committed team and keep them motivated day to day
3 Develop the skills for tracking and controlling software deliverables
4 Create project plans that address real-world management challenges
5 Deliver successful software projects that support the organization's strategic goals
Mode of Delivery
Formal Education
Recommended Optional Programme Components
Course Contents
Life cycle of software system development, project specification, defining end-product, standard techniques and tools, testing, project planning and re-planning, project organization and structure, people management, project control, configuration management.
Weekly Detailed Course Contents
Week Theoretical Practice Laboratory
1 Project planning (general considerations): What is project planning and management? The Project Management Plan (IEEE Std 1058.1)
2 Product development life cycles
3 Software life cycles: Development life cyles, Software maintenance, Life cycles incorporating software reuse, How to pick the appropriate life cycle
4 Software development processes: Process concepts, Process maturity (CMM), Process Interaction
5 Supporting or interfacing processes: Marketing, Systems engineering, Qualify Assurance
6 Activity planning and scheduling
7 Cost and resource estimating
8 Midterm Exam
9 Resource management
10 Risk identification and management
11 Determining project status
12 Contracting and outsourcing
13 Organizational strategies
14 Managing teams
15 Environmental and social factors
16 Study week
17 Final Exam
Recommended or Required Reading
Bob Hughes and Mike Cotterell: Software Project Management, Second Edition, McGraw-Hill 1999.
Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods
Lecture, presentation, question & answer, problem solving, discussion
Term (or Year) Learning Activities60
End Of Term (or Year) Learning Activities40
Term (or Year) Learning ActivitiesQuantityWeight
Midterm Exam150
Quiz Exam420
End Of Term (or Year) Learning ActivitiesQuantityWeight
Final Exam1100
Language of Instruction
Language Codes
Work Placement(s)
Workload Calculation
Activities Number Time (hours) Total Work Load (hours)
Theoretical 14 3 42
Pre Class Self Study 14 1 14
Post Class Self Study 14 2 28
Midterm Preparation 1 10 10
Final Preparation 1 20 20
Quiz Preparation 4 3 12
Total 48 39 126
Contribution of Learning Outcomes to Programme Outcomes
PO 1PO 2PO 3PO 4PO 5PO 6PO 7PO 8PO 9PO 10PO 11PO 12PO 13PO 14PO 15PO 16
LO 10000000000000000
LO 20000000000000000
LO 30000000000000000
LO 40000000000000000
LO 50000000000000000