Second Cycle - Institute of Middle East Studies - Geography of the Middle East
Y : Year of Study S : Semester
Course Unit Code Course Unit Title Type of Course Y S ECTS
COG715 Methods and Sources of Geography Compulsory 1 1 6
Objectives of the Course
This course seeks to analyze the research methods and methodology in Geography.
Name of Lecturer(s)
Learning Outcomes
1 Students write thesis
2 Students write article
3 Students collect data for their studies
4 Students detect researches easily
5 Students know where to find resources related about geography
Mode of Delivery
Formal Education
Recommended Optional Programme Components
Course Contents
Research methods, catalog search and writing thesis in geography and middle east.
Weekly Detailed Course Contents
Week Theoretical Practice Laboratory
1 Research methods in Geography
2 Research methods and methodology in Geography
3 Determination of the research topic
4 Literature review
5 Data collection
6 Construction of the theoretical framework
7 Choice of the research methods
8 midterm
9 Geographical methods used in various researches
10 Evaluation of the research results
11 Report writing in geographical research
12 Master's Thesis and its edition (Introduction - Text body)
13 Master's Thesis and its edition (References)
14 Methodoly in Master's thesis with various topics
15 Methodoly in Master's thesis with various topics
16 Methodoly in Master's thesis with various topics
17 Final exam
Recommended or Required Reading
Doğanay, H. Coğrafyada Metodoloji. MEB. Yay. No: 187, İstanbul, 1993.
Özgüç, N. Beşeri Coğrafyada Veri Toplama ve Değerlendirme Yöntemleri, İ. Ü. Yay. No: 3849, Ede. Fak. Yay. No. 2511, 3. Baskı, ISBN No: 9754043752, İstanbul, 1994.
Türkdoğan, O. Bilimsel Değerlendirme ve Araştırma Metodolojisi, MEB. Basımevi, İstanbul, 1989.
Karasar, N. Bilimsel Araştırma Yöntemi: Kavramlar, İlkeler, Teknikler. ISBN 9759543216, Ankara 2007.
Balcı, A. 2010 Sosyal Bilimlerde Araştırma Yöntem, Teknik ve İlkeler. Pagem Yay. ISBN: 9789756802405, Ankara.
Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods
The courses have been designed in form of face to face presentations and it’s required for the students to write a term project.
Term (or Year) Learning Activities40
End Of Term (or Year) Learning Activities60
Term (or Year) Learning ActivitiesQuantityWeight
Midterm Exam140
Homework Exam160
End Of Term (or Year) Learning ActivitiesQuantityWeight
Final Exam1100
Language of Instruction
Language Codes
Work Placement(s)
Workload Calculation
Activities Number Time (hours) Total Work Load (hours)
Theoretical 15 2 30
Pre Class Self Study 15 2 30
Post Class Self Study 15 2 30
Midterm Preparation 1 15 15
Final Preparation 1 20 20
Research Presentation 1 25 25
Total 48 66 150
Contribution of Learning Outcomes to Programme Outcomes
PO 1PO 2PO 3PO 4PO 5PO 6PO 7PO 8PO 9PO 10PO 11PO 12PO 13PO 14PO 15PO 16
LO 12231233110220000
LO 22221233101220000
LO 32231333100220000
LO 42231323101220000
LO 52211323110220000
LO 60000000000000000
LO 70000000000000000
LO 80000000000000000
LO 90000000000000000
LO 100000000000000000