Second Cycle - Institute of Educational Sciences - Secondary School Social Studies Education - History Education
Y : Year of Study S : Semester
Course Unit Code Course Unit Title Type of Course Y S ECTS
TARO712 Statistics II Compulsory 1 2 4
Objectives of the Course
The Aims of this course : To learn basic knowledge of statistics ,quantitative research ,hypothesis tests and to evaluate , analyse, comment,discuss of result of the research for SPSS
Name of Lecturer(s)
Learning Outcomes
1 6. Learning are applied in thesis
2 5. Reviews and comments are made with a statistical package programs
3 4. Hypothesis testing is learned and they are analyzed and a statistical package Program
4 3. Analysis of the results of applications outcomes are done with a statistical package Program
5 2. Quantitative studies made a statistical package program will be evaluated and Analysis-synthesis
6 1. The obtained raw data are applicated with a statistical package program
Mode of Delivery
Formal Education
Course Contents
Applications some basic MsWord for SPSS, Creating and editing a data file, Applications Scale, Questionnaire, Testing ( achievement , pre-post testing etc.) and assessment, Creating and editing a data file Data , Listing cases exploring data, selecting cases, computing new variables in SPSS, Choosing a statistical test, Reliability and validity analysis, Compare two samples of means, Parametric Methods: T testi ,one way Anova ,two way Anova, , Manova, Ancova, Non Parametric Methods : Chi-Square Wilcoxon, Mann-Whitney-U Tests, Non Parametric Methods (continue) : :Sign,Chocran Kolmogorow-Smirnow Tests, Correlation analysis ,Regression analysis, Factor analysis , Discriminate analysis, Cluster analysis
Weekly Detailed Course Contents
Week Theoretical Practice Laboratory
1 Aplications some basic MsWord for SPSS
2 Creating and editing a data file
3 Aplications Scale,Questionnaire, Testing ( achievement , pre-post testing v.b) and assesment
4 Creating lisand editing a data fileData listeleme-oluşturma
5 Listing cases exploring data, selecting cases,computing new variables in SPSS
6 Choosing a statical test
7 Reliability and validity analysis
8 Study week
9 Midterm(s)
10 Compare two samples of means
11 Parametric Methods: T testi ,one way Anova ,two way Anova, , Manova,Ancova
12 Non Parametric Methods : Chi-Square Wilcoxon, Mann-Whitney-U Tests
13 Non Parametrikc Metods (continue) : :Sign,Chocran Kolmogorow-Smirnow Tests
14 Corelation analysis ,Regrasyon analysis
15 Factör analysis , Discriminat analysis
16 Study week
17 Final
Recommended or Required Reading
Paket Programlar İle İstatistiksel Veri Analizi , Kaan Kitabevi
Sosyal Bilimler İçin Veri Analizi El Kitabı, Pegem-a 7.Baskı
SPPSS for Windows Step By step ,Pearson Pub.Darren George
SPSS 15.0 Veri Analizi Yöntemleri, U Erman Eymen
SPSS Uygulamalı Çok Değişkenli İstatistik Teknikleri , Asil Yayın Dağıtım
Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods
The teaching method to show whether or experimental teaching method Through the presentation of teaching methods
Term (or Year) Learning Activities40
End Of Term (or Year) Learning Activities60
Term (or Year) Learning ActivitiesQuantityWeight
Midterm Exam1100
End Of Term (or Year) Learning ActivitiesQuantityWeight
Final Exam1100
Language of Instruction
Work Placement(s)
There is no work Placement
Workload Calculation
Activities Number Time (hours) Total Work Load (hours)
Theoretical 2 14 28
Pre Class Self Study 2 14 28
Post Class Self Study 2 14 28
Midterm Preparation 1 14 14
Final Preparation 1 14 14
Total 8 70 112
Contribution of Learning Outcomes to Programme Outcomes
PO 1PO 2PO 3PO 4PO 5PO 6PO 7PO 8PO 9PO 10PO 11PO 12PO 13PO 14PO 15PO 16
LO 12322223222121100
LO 22322223222121100
LO 32322223222121100
LO 42322223222121100
LO 52322223222121100
LO 62222223222121100
LO 70000000000000000
LO 80000000000000000
LO 90000000000000000
LO 100000000000000000
LO 110000000000000000
LO 120000000000000000