Second Cycle - Institute of Health Sciences - Basic Medicine Science - Oral Biology
Y : Year of Study S : Semester
Course Unit Code Course Unit Title Type of Course Y S ECTS
ORB707 Basic Biochemistry in Dentistry I Compulsory 1 1 6
Objectives of the Course
The purpose of this course is teaching of basic and applied biochemistry to dentists.
Learning Outcomes
1 Makes scientific investigations related oral tissue diseases.
2 Follows the health and disease processes biochemically.
3 Uses the basic biochemical applications in dentistry.
4 Interprets the dental administrations biochemically.
5 Learns the relationship between dentistry and basic biochemistry.
Mode of Delivery
Formal Education
Course Contents
Basic molecules in biochemistry and their functions ; Metabolism and oral tissues; Overview of glucose metabolism; Glucose metabolism and oral tissue; Metabolism of fructose and galactose; Metabolic control; Amino acid metabolism: General Description; Transamination reaction and oral tissues; Calcium and bone metabolism; Blood and tissue markers in dentistry; Trace elements; Vitamins
Weekly Detailed Course Contents
Week Theoretical Practice Laboratory
1 Basic molecules in biochemistry and their functions I
2 Basic molecules in biochemistry and their functions II
3 Metabolism and oral tissues
4 Overview of glucose metabolism
5 Glucose metabolism and oral tissue
6 Metabolism of fructose and galactose
7 Metabolic control
8 Exam
9 Amino acid metabolism: General Description
10 Transamination reaction and oral tissues
11 Calcium and bone metabolism
12 Blood and tissue markers in dentistry.
13 Trace elements
14 Vitamins
15 Nutritions
16 Study week
17 Final exam
Recommended or Required Reading
Biochemistry(2.Edition) Mathews, von Holde,1991
Burket's Oral Medicine,LynchMA,Brightman VJ,Greenberg MS.Lippincott Com.1994.
Oral Diseases-George Laskaris-Thieme, 1998
Tükürük.Ed: Nesrin Emekli, Ayşen Yarat, Nobel Tıp Kitapevleri,2008
Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods
Slides and lectures
Brain storming
Term (or Year) Learning Activities40
End Of Term (or Year) Learning Activities60
Term (or Year) Learning ActivitiesQuantityWeight
Midterm Exam1100
End Of Term (or Year) Learning ActivitiesQuantityWeight
Final Exam1100
Language of Instruction
Work Placement(s)
Workload Calculation
Activities Number Time (hours) Total Work Load (hours)
Theoretical 14 2 28
Pre Class Self Study 14 3 42
Post Class Self Study 14 2 28
Home Work 14 2 28
Seminar 14 2 28
Total 70 11 154
Contribution of Learning Outcomes to Programme Outcomes
PO 1PO 2PO 3PO 4PO 5PO 6PO 7PO 8PO 9PO 10PO 11PO 12PO 13PO 14PO 15PO 16
LO 12223122222000000
LO 23332222322000000
LO 32233322332000000
LO 43333323233000000
LO 53333333223000000
LO 60000000000000000
LO 70000000000000000
LO 80000000000000000
LO 90000000000000000
LO 100000000000000000